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Samsung Galaxy Gear 2

The Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 and Galaxy Gear 2 Neo were announced by Samsung a couple of days ago, and now they’re showing off the new devices at Mobile World Congress 2014. There are a number of changes in the new devices compared to the old Galaxy Gear. First of all, the Galaxy Gear 2 Neo doesn’t include the use of a camera. Both devices also now use Tizen as the operating system, rather than Android.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 features customizable themes, allowing you to change the appearance of widgets such as clocks and wallpapers. Also there will be interchangeable straps, alllowing users to fully personalize their watch and put their own unique stamp on it.

Sending and receiving calls is now easier than ever. The smooth and seamless large sAMOLED display provides the perfect platform for interacting with your contacts. The new notification features also contributes to the theme of connectivity which Samsung have been advocating with the Galaxy Gear 2.

One of my personal favourite features of this watch is its ability to provide seamless bluetooth music on the go. This is perfect for runner and cyclists who do not want to lug around a heavy phone or mp3 player while on the go. Swimmers may also find this product interesting as it is water resistent, and with new waterproof headphone technology you can now easily listen to music while at the pool.

All in all this is a great product and I after using it myself I would highly recommend it to anyone!


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Speech Therapy for Kids by iPhones Apps

The iPhone has changed the world in many tangible ways. Apps are available to help people diet, do their bills, or catch up on reading classic novels. A new batch of iPhone apps have been developed with a more noble cause…to help children learn to speak. Speech pathologists report that these iPhone apps are far more engaging than the traditional methods, which means that their patients are experiencing greater success more quickly. The key to most of the speech therapy apps is that the kids have fun while they are practicing their speech, making them want to succeed for themselves, not just for the praise of the therapist.

Created by Practicing Speech Pathologists

Most of the speech therapy apps on today’s market were developed by licensed speech pathologists who were looking for new ways to work with their younger patients. The iPhone apps are created with specific speech pathology goals in mind, and the pathologists worked to make sure the levels were attainable without being too frustrating. The games can be configured to target the specific phonemes and consonant blends that are the most challenging for the child. The game scores can be used by a speech pathologist to create a tangible record of the patient’s progress as the patient moves through the different levels of the games.

Voice Controlled Games Increase Speech Clarity

Most speech therapy apps are voice operated. The user must speak a word clearly enough for the phone to understand so that they can continue on to the next part of the game. Children who might have become bored or frustrated with pronouncing the same word repeatedly now try more often when there is a clear reward from the game for getting it right. As the children gain new levels in the game, their speech gains better articulation.

Electronic Games are Attention Grabbers

One of the most exciting things about these interactive speech therapy games is that they grab a child’s attention and keep it for long periods of time. Speech pathologists have been frustrated with a child’s normal tendency to lose focus during a short session. The apps are created with cartoon characters and other child-friendly elements that make them feel like fun to the children rather than work. A child’s tendency to want to play the games more often can also help the child develop the motor skills faster through the increased practice time.

Gaining in Online Popularity

Speech therapy apps are catching on all over the country as well. There are even specific websites dedicated to the genre. The sites offer reviews of new games and links to purchase or download hundreds of speech therapy apps on your own. Some of the apps available are geared toward the speech therapists themselves, but the majority are meant to be played by younger patients who need to work on their pronunciation skills outside of therapy. Sites contain news about speech therapy and new iphone apps, as well as resources for other gadgets and games that parents and therapists might be interested in using with younger patients. These tools are making speech therapy a much more rewarding career for therapists everywhere as they see their kids progress faster and having fun doing it.

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The Best Apple Ipad 2 Accessories

The Best Apple iPad 2 AccessoriesHaving Apple iPad 2 in the hands is surely great since Apple iPad 2 has been shown to be a great product with fantastic reviews. You still need to buy the needed accessories so your Apple iPad 2 can be optimum in functionality. It is well-known that Apple products needs accessories to work optimum to fulfill users’ specific needs.

Apple iPad 2 is not an exception for sure.It seems the accessories vendors have aware of this condition so many accessories available on the market. It is good so users have enough options when want to buy their Apple iPad 2 accessories. However, it may a little confusing to have such many options. Therefore I try to share the must have accessories for Apple iPad 2 via this article so the option is narrowed for the most important only.

Apple iPad 2 Smart Cover

There are many cover available for iPad 2 but there are no as unique as Smart Cover. Smart Cover utilizes magnet on the frame which allows the cover match perfectly with iPad 2 design. Also that, Smart Cover is directly connected to Apple iPad 2 status – when open, the status is active and when close, the status is idle – automatically. The Smart Cover can be also bent to act as back stand while typing or taking a picture. There are two Smart Cover models which are polyurethane (flexible plastic) and leather. Both of the model offers several color options.

Apple Digital AV Adapter

It is good that Apple iPad 2 has equipped by HDMI port so users can project the display screen to outside screen such as TV screen or wide-screen monitor. However as Apple devices natural, users need to buy iPad 2 accessories for this needs which is Apple Digital AV Adapter. Apple Digital AV Adapter is a HDMI based connector which use the 30 pin standard. As Apple iPad 2 has two 30 pin port available, users no need to worry about lack of the port – users can charge the iPad 2 while do presentation via HDMI connection.

Apple iPad 2 Camera Connection Kit

Apple iPad 2 is surely a good choice to store the photo or video which take by digital cameras . It is because Apple iPad 2 is mobile enough to brings with the cameras during a family travel so the photo or video can be directly store and edited if needed. However the photo and video transfer is quite complex since must utilize Apple iTunes. Apple iPad 2 Camera Connection Kit is handy to simplify this photo and video transfer process. Apple iPad 2 Camera Connection Kit allows direct transfer from digital camera to iPad 2 without via Apple iTunes anymore. Camera Connection Kit supports USB as well as SD Card connection.